Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stickers Are In!

So, my stickers/hang tags came in today.
Pretty fucking excited.
Amongst the other shit that happened today,
The arrival of my long awaited stickers made me happy.

First off, quality.
You do get what you pay for.
I haven't seen such a well put together sticker.
Not only because its mine, just because of the quality.
Shits thick! It's a legit sticker.

Second off, its a sticker/hang tag.
Why not kill 2 birds with one stone?
I think the customers will like this shit.
These will appear on the new Magic Show T-Shirts.
Will the packaging as well.
For all you that have ordered some of my shirts,
You know what i'm talking about.

Detail. Detail. Detail.

And... Who the hell has their own tape?!
That's just ridiculously perfect.
I tried preserving the box the best I could.
But I was so anxious.
Sticker Robot delivers.
And if i'm not mistaken...
They're having a huge sale going on.
You should check em out.

Oh, and you can buy 4 stickers for $2.00
On the online store


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