Saturday, December 27, 2008


Okay. If you haven't been here.
You're whack.
It's about the only place down here in the valley
Offering everything from 10 Deep to Orisue.
And if you're familiar with the brands,
The store won't disappoint.
As "you" know the various boutiques.
This is like no other.
And if you're not familiar with the brands.
TF are you doing reading this shit?
Go there. And educate himself.
Their friendly staff will help you out.
I've seen Eddie in action.
He does most shit that most staff wouldn't.
Actually, scratch that shit.
He does most shit that most owners wouldn't do.
And he always has the good shit.
I just copped some of the Diamond x 10 Deep tees,
Diamond x Dissizit tees, Dissizit fitted.
Got my clae's there not to long ago.
The sneakers. Fuck.
I'll be doing a future post on the store.
More in depth.
Until then.
Go to Fresh Out The Box.


P: [760] 346-FOTB [3682 for you dummies]
F: [760] 346-3680


11am-8pm: Mon-Sat
12am-6pm: Sunday


73954 Highway 111
Palm Desert, CA 92262


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