Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Casey Veggies

Customized Greatly Vol.2 (July 17th) He promises.

ArrogantVeggies EP- End Of April.

The Official Odd Future Mixtape- End Of May/Beggining Of June.

And if you havent downloaded the first mixtape, shame on you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surgery is a bitch.

Well surgery is over. And its a bitch. Friday and Saturday had to be the worst days of my life to date. Pain killers for weeks. Doing better now, not 100% but getting there. Should actually see a damn difference within a month or so.. I really dont care. I just want to breath again. New posts... when I get to them. Until then...



I'm getting surgery done tomorrow for the first time. And if anything, it had to be my nose. I have a deviated septum, I cant breath right, I have chronic allergies too, since i was a kid. And its about time i try to fix it. All the meds work.. but I always get sick again, so im going through with it, no turning back now... Im getting a septoplasty, its where they remove some cartlidge and maybe some bone too. NOT a rhinoplasty, thats a nose job, thats like.. 5-10 G's, nahh what im doing in totally different haha

I probably wont post for awhile, so until then...

Peace and much love,


The song everyone is mobbin on

Upper Playground X FIFTY24SF

Diamond Supply޲ Co. X Logitech iPod Dock

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Estevan Oriol X FIFTY24SF X Vans X Puma

Gash by da Hour!


New Shit from Rogue Status!
I've been patiently waiting for some of the new shit,
and its finally about to drop!
Don't sleep!
-Courtesy of Peas and Carrots X Rogue Status



Freshjive, another one of my favorite brands does it again with a massive new Spring 08 line. The "Pop Will Kill Itself" tee has to be by far, one of my favorites from the new spring 08 line.