Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Skillz Wrap Up 2008

Every year he does this.
Couldn't find a better one.
Didn't feel like searching this late.
Humor yourself and enjoy this shit.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Work That

Teriyaki Boyz are at it again.
Peep the short by Chris Brown.


Wow. Is it just me, or is Beyonce getting bomber by the year?
Although I never say this shit, but...
This. Shit. Goes. Hard.
Totally different side of B.
You see her and two other beauties in the video...
Just like "Put A Ring On It" video...
Hmm.. Sending a message out to...???
Guys, you know this shit is down as fuck.
You know you're gunna limewire this track
And bump it in you're ride as soon as you're done watching this.
At the end... Seem a bit familiar? Cough, Jay-Z...
Seems like Beyonce is taking charge, like she outta be.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Okay. If you haven't been here.
You're whack.
It's about the only place down here in the valley
Offering everything from 10 Deep to Orisue.
And if you're familiar with the brands,
The store won't disappoint.
As "you" know the various boutiques.
This is like no other.
And if you're not familiar with the brands.
TF are you doing reading this shit?
Go there. And educate himself.
Their friendly staff will help you out.
I've seen Eddie in action.
He does most shit that most staff wouldn't.
Actually, scratch that shit.
He does most shit that most owners wouldn't do.
And he always has the good shit.
I just copped some of the Diamond x 10 Deep tees,
Diamond x Dissizit tees, Dissizit fitted.
Got my clae's there not to long ago.
The sneakers. Fuck.
I'll be doing a future post on the store.
More in depth.
Until then.
Go to Fresh Out The Box.


P: [760] 346-FOTB [3682 for you dummies]
F: [760] 346-3680


11am-8pm: Mon-Sat
12am-6pm: Sunday


73954 Highway 111
Palm Desert, CA 92262



Good sale.
Picked up at least a couple hundred in merch.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Troy Jensen

You serious?

So last night Rob and I were hungry beyond belief.
Luckily taco bell was open.
So we're in line, and to my amazment..
I see a guy on a bike through the DRIVE THROUGH.
It's called drive through for a reason buddy.
He must have been real hungry.


Bob's Twin Kitchen

Place is dope.
Been there for YEARS.
Ever in Indio.
Go to Bob's Twin Kitchen.


What's on the roof?

Sketchy as fuck.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

This Time I Was Prepared!

Remember this post?
The time when I met the mother of the owner
Well this time I was prepared!
So, I was in Ralphs.
And I see this guy that totally doesn't look like
He's from the valley...
So I say, "nice watch. nixon?"
He says, "Oh, thanks. But no. Vestal."
So I was thinking.. I know of the brand.
But who do I know that wears the watch all the time?
Ah, Johnny Cupcakes.
Then we went on to talk about watches...
So I said, "Well, what do you do?"
He's like, oh I own a snowboarding company.
I was in awe.
Jeff Williams
Knowing the brand, it was just surreal.
So, I gave him my card.
Mission fucking accomplished.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

"We don't have a 6th"

So today.. was eventful.
Left school at lunch.
Rob, Chris, and me we're hungry as hell.
So Red Robins it was.
Ate that good shit. Left.
Got gas.
Went to Mariah's place.
Picked up the memory card...
From Red Robin's to Mariah's place,
The area was swarmin with cops.
So, I knew it was only a matter of time
Before we got pulled over.
"There's too many cops out today, its
a fucking sign. The day I ditch, fuck.
It's a sign, watch Casen.. watch.."
-T Fo0
We leave, as we're leaving outta the gate, cop follows.
Get out, 2 stop lights to go..
Switch lanes, he switches lanes.
Calls another unit thats across the street from us.
We turn.
Lights go on.
Pull over...

After that shit.
Get asked 20 questions.
Guess I was going 40 something in a 25 zone.
It was a damn park. No one was present.
I thought that shit only counted WHEN PRESENT
Whatever, no ticket.
And as he pulled us over this song was playing..

Good Times - Styles P

And as we left, this song came on.

Today Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

How fucking random.
Today, was a good day.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008



set backs.
not knowing what will happen.
not satisfying people.
not getting my mother's approval.
hearing the same shit 25/7.
being told "you are____", like you know me.
not having the small things I would like.
being left without answers.
and most of all.
not having chocolate chip cookies
to sooth me in my time of *#^&!.


Magic Show T-Shirt Release Set Back

Due to manufacturer difficulties,
I'm going to have to set back the release date
to Spring 09.
Like around February or earlier.

On the flip-side of that, I will be releasing
Other various items around that time.

I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience.


Stickers Are In!

So, my stickers/hang tags came in today.
Pretty fucking excited.
Amongst the other shit that happened today,
The arrival of my long awaited stickers made me happy.

First off, quality.
You do get what you pay for.
I haven't seen such a well put together sticker.
Not only because its mine, just because of the quality.
Shits thick! It's a legit sticker.

Second off, its a sticker/hang tag.
Why not kill 2 birds with one stone?
I think the customers will like this shit.
These will appear on the new Magic Show T-Shirts.
Will the packaging as well.
For all you that have ordered some of my shirts,
You know what i'm talking about.

Detail. Detail. Detail.

And... Who the hell has their own tape?!
That's just ridiculously perfect.
I tried preserving the box the best I could.
But I was so anxious.
Sticker Robot delivers.
And if i'm not mistaken...
They're having a huge sale going on.
You should check em out.

Oh, and you can buy 4 stickers for $2.00
On the online store


Epidemic Sale.

Click to view larger.


It rained again today.
But unlike yesterday, we shared our first kiss in the rain.
Pretty fucking magical.
Notebook shit.
Although I've never seen it.
We plan to.?
Would've taken more, the sky was messing up.
Didn't drive my car to school.
Vinyl on the roof would've gotten fucked up.
So I got that ride:]