Thursday, December 31, 2009

FCKN Maxxxed - Jay Curry [ft. Steve Sincere]

Kick off the new year right.
If you bangin anything,
or anyone tonight,
bang this shit.
Off of Jay Curry's upcoming mixtape,
FCKN Maxxxed

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tyler, The Creator Presents:BASTARD

November 27, 2008. Doesn't seem that far away,
But that has been the time since the
Odd Future tape has dropped.
Since then, well. Here you have it.
15 tracks of pure unorthodox lyrics.
A album released on December 25, 2009.
Christmas day.
A album that shouldn't have been released
On Christmas, more like on Friday the 13th.
If you know of Tyler by now, you should have seen this coming.
Nothing is unexpected. This is BASTARD.

The album has to be one of the realest i've listened to.
Maybe it's because Tyler speaks of what is on his mind.
Which is a dangerous place to go.
This album allows us to venture into the mind of an
individual who is utterly not phased by mainstream propaganda.
A individual who cleary does not give a fuck.
2009 has had many moments that will go down in history.
And I can say if this album was listened to by the masses,
the youth would have an altered state of mind.

Time was made, and a much needed Q&A was in order...

Casen Kreation: Tyler, since the odd future mixtape, what have you been up to?

Tyler, The Creator: Shit. Nothing. Skating, and acting ignorant as fuck. Taking more photos and just living life.

Casen Kreation: Why did it take you "this long" to come out with a full album? You've come out with many tracks since the OF mixtape, what happend?

Tyler, The Creator: Shit, I don’t know. I always wanted it to be perfect timing. I feel like this is the perfect time for me to release something, plus, I did most of these songs this month, so it’s really recent. It gave me time to think and put together a real album, not just random songs.

Casen Kreation: Ending 09 with a bang, sick. Speaking of random songs, I hear you got 100+ saved up. This rumor true?

Tyler, The Creator: I HAVE MORE THAN THAT. I have beats I’ve done from since I was 12 till 18. I have over 100 rough drafts of songs. I could drop a mixtape every month if I wanted.

Casen Kreation: So basically you could do what Lil Wayne did, a few years back and flood the streets with new mixtapes every month with all new shit?

Tyler, The Creator: Sure, could have....but I believe in quality over quantity.

Casen Kreation: Do you believe that's what separates you from other "artists" in the game today?

Tyler, The Creator: I think so. But, the real thing that separates Odd Future from other artists, is that we don’t give a fuck. We do what we want, we make what we listen to. I can give a fuck about what you wanna hear, I make what I want to play when I’m jacking off or baking a cake.

Casen Kreation: For those of us who don't know, break it down. Who is Odd Future, OFWGKTA?

Tyler, The Creator: ODD FUTURE is myself, left brain, hodgy beats, super 3, casey veggies, brandun deshay, domo genesis, earl and syd. Just music lovers who make what they love. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is what we are. It’s like a religion. It’s a lot of us that grew up together and have been friends for years. Skaters, musicians, artist, college students, drug dealers...just kids who have something in common that don’t give a fuck.

Casen Kreation: Back to the album, let's start off with the first track, Bastard, obviously you have some animosity towards 2dopeboys, can you shed some light on that?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah fuck them. I feel as if they show favoritism to certain artists. Most people on there are rappers who rap about their sneakers and crooks and castles and shit, or some cliché LA rappers who talk about crenshaw and kickbacks and slauson in everysong. Or some faggot hipster who’s trying too hard. I have hit them up so many times to put my music up, which I think, at age 16-17, making his own beats and rapping good, which shows talent, should be put up. But no, they rather not. So fuck 2fuckboys, they can eat my ass in spanish. Yes, I’m bitter.

Casen Kreation: Case and point. Can't argue with that. Blogs and sites you do fuck with?

Tyler, The Creator: Casen Kreation!, 100kgold, peasandcarrots, layyouout, deadrespeakss, injuredgoods, dimepeace, its way to many to name. hypetrak on hypebeast fucked with me raw though. I love them all for even liking me.

Casen Kreation: That's what’s up. Good lookin on the shoutout! Yeah, I’ve seen that hypetrak and hypebeast postings, that’s deff a good look. Why need 2dopeboys when you got hypebeast, right? haha

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, a lot of people fuck with hypebeast, but I can’t front, 2fuckboys is big when it comes to hip-hop music. Fuck it, I don’t need em.

Casen Kreation: Tell me the story behind French! The track goes hard.

Tyler, The Creator: Man!, I love that song, seriously, I don’t know! I work where there’s a lot of TEA around, and I thought while I was working , what I would look like in a sherlock holmes outfit drinking TEA. Then goldie locks and some really fucked up shit just start coming into my head. Wrote that shit down on my jeans and recorded it the next day.

Casen Kreation: Damn, after listening to the album, that has to be one of my favorite tracks. I was bumpin that shit in my 86 cutlass supreme today, some lady pulled up in a benzo and rolled up her windows haha.

Tyler, The Creator: Good. That’s exactly what I love to hear.

Casen Kreation: Is that your message? To have "Corporate America" be in disgust with your music? Despite if you give a fuck of anyone else’s thoughts, besides your own?

Tyler, The Creator: Yes, I want people to say "Why the fuck did he say that?" This is America you can’t say that!" Free speech is muthafucka aint it? But when it comes to beats, I want them to say wow, this nigga is sent from heaven with these beautiful sounds....but that’s satan’s son rapping.

Casen Kreation: Speaking of satan, from the back cover of your album to "sold my soul to the devil for 30% off" what's up with the satan references? Or are you just fucking with us all again?

Tyler, The Creator: Well, other than the fact that I’m atheist, my grandmother once told me I was from hell, since I was so evil. I kinda took that and flipped it. Since I didn’t have a father, I sorta went to "this devil guy" as a role model.

Casen Kreation: You must have took that to heart, especially if that was said to you at a early age.

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, overall my childhood was great, but, I remembered that.

Casen Kreation: What are the red and blue cover significances?

Tyler, The Creator: The good and evil. Evil is more so demonic, blue is more so happy. On the blue cover, it reads a secret message. On the red, some kids have the number 6 on them.

Casen Kreation: Back again at the satan reference as a role model? Or you have a hate against kids as well?

Tyler, The Creator: Nah, I’m still a kid in a sense, 18 ain’t no adult cuh, my grandma would be proud.

Casen Kreation: Word.

Casen Kreation: Yo, that tina track, fuck man. Fucking hilarious. You reference tina, sarah, who are these girls?

Tyler, The Creator: Lisa is from some dude looking for some random bitch named lisa at my homies house. Sarah is a fake name I gave this girl who dissed me. Tina, it’s like part 2 from lisa, that random ass wtf? song.

Casen Kreation: Ahh that one. I remember that one. Shit. Girls shouldn’t be dissing you, they could end up on a fucking album! On blast!

Tyler, The Creator: Milan, Raquel, Danielle, You will hear these names throughout the album.

Casen Kreation: If you had to shoot a video for one of these tracks, which one and why?

Tyler, The Creator: I plan on shooting a video for blow, cus I have an idea...but sarah, just beacause it would be stupid scary x crazy, and I want raquel to know how I felt when that homecoming shit didn’t work out.

Casen Kreation: Speaking of blow, I’m listening to it now. These bose speakers are gunna blow my eardrums. Damn. I’m sure she'd get the message then.

Tyler, The Creator: Lmfao yeah. I hate her. But love her.

Casen Kreation: "Pigs Fly" you have Domo Genesis on the track, tell me how you guys got together on this track.

Tyler, The Creator: Shit. Domo and I are 3 days apart. We are like brothers man, same type of household, single parents, never was in gangs, shit like that, and, shit, we just clicked at school. He started coming over to my house to record rough drafts on my computer when we would ditch math class. We did this song so many times. But, this is it and he ripped it.

Casen Kreation: Yeah, I checked his "Heart Of Gold" track, and knew he was to come out with some great work.

Tyler, The Creator: Man, that dude has punch lines for days. Seriously, the shit we got cooking up is bananas.

Casen Kreation: Whaaaat? Another Tyler, The Creator and Domo track?

Tyler, The Creator: Omg. We have this song called "good morning". When I say the greatest beat I’ve done to date, I MEAN IT. It’s so beautiful. No words can explain this way this beat can make you feel.

Casen Kreation: In many of your tracks you shout out to freshjive, what's your affiliation with the brand?

Tyler, The Creator: I fucks with no homo. Right now, I actually intern designing shit, it’s one of my favorite brands and I love the experience.

Casen Kreation: That's what's up. I love Rick's new "no label" concept. Pure genius.

Tyler, The Creator: Man that guy is fucking awesome. The way he comes up with shit. He is a really awesome guy to kick it with.

Casen Kreation: It's no mystery to us, but you're deff on your video A game. Your videos on youtube always get me. Favorites, sidekick break II & puppy love. Aside from your videos that have reached over 36,000 views, you're pretty into film huh?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah I want a career in it....but those are just videos for fun...I’m really into the art of it, I have some secret stashed shit I’m going to show you.

Casen Kreation: That's what's up. Sounds fucking epic.

Casen Kreation: What can we expect in the future for Tyler, The Creator? Collaborations between brands/artists? Side projects? New material?

Tyler, The Creator: Shit. Look out for mellowhype, that’s hodgy and left brain, earl and domo shit coming soon. I will be releasing videos to some songs. Other than that, I’m just gonna be living life until next xmas when I release some other shit.

Casen Kreation: Sick. Good to see the OF fam come up. Next xmas? I know you're not going a year without releasing one track till xmas?!

Tyler, The Creator: I know. That WOLF GANG skate video coming soon too. I might release one thing but, ima let OF get some light, ima push them till my dick falls off.

Casen Kreation: Good lookin on that shit. OF Sergeant on some real shit.

Casen Kreation: Any shout outs you wanna give out?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, fuck steve harvey and fuck keenan thompson. OFWGKTA

Casen Kreation: Tell em where they can download the album and your other sites.

Tyler, The Creator: It’s there on dat first page, after the porn virus.

Well there you have it people.
Straight from the Odd Future sergeant himself.
Tyler, The Creator.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

SJA - Huge Sale!

So my boy across the border is having a sick sale.
You deff wanna get on this.
Check it out.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Sean - Rollin / Say You Will

Love the production of the track.
Sean made the regular girls in the video
With some style.
Great visuals by the way.
Good shit.


Pharrell needs to watch his money

Pull a fast one over mr. williams?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama

Sick visuals.
Keep it up TBB!


Mos Def - Supermagic

Simple yet effective.
Love the video.
Mos Def never fails nor is a let down.


Juelz Santana feat. Yelawolf - "Mixin' Up the Medicine"

So when this track came out about..
What, a month ago?
Feels like a month.
Anyway, when it came out,
I thought it was a great collab
Between Yelawolf and Santana.
Good track.
Didn't expect a video for it though.
But the video did the song justice.
And for some reason,
Santana fits that white robe well.
A good look? Maybe it's his wide eyes.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness Feat. MGMT & Ratatat

Video, was amazing.
I think one of the best music videos
of 09 for damn sure.
This should get an award.
And uh, lol at Drakes slo-mo faces.
Looks like he's havin a ball haha.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bedrock - Young Money

Official video of Young Money's
A typical day of YMCM?
I think so.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Nicki Minaj - Complex Interview/Photos

Ahh, one of, if not my favorite girl.
Check Nicki in her latest complex interview.
She's a bad barbie bitch.


Shakira Ft Kid Cudi - Did It Again [Remix]



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Aoki

Celebrate Steve's birthday with, Steve.

VCR - Tyler, The Creator!

Should I even say he's back at it?
Fuck it.
He's back it.
VCR download it.
Be on the lookout for

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Clipse - Til The Casket Drops

It has been leaked.
It is amazing.
Did not have to skip a song.
The whole album is on point.
Eyes On Me
Life Change

But seriously, the whole album is sick.
Fucking Clipse.
A deff must cop.


Gucci Mane - Lemonade

I pretty much had to blog this.
For obvious reasons.
His glasses are ridiculous.


Monday, November 30, 2009

DJ AM x Nike Dunk High Premium

These, are too legit.
A deff must cop.
Read more over at


The Carter Documentary

The Carter Documentary is finally out.
Personally, I saw the trailer for it,
And I wanted to check it out since then.
I like documentaries.
Shows that much more behind the story.
And wayne has a story.
Check it out.



Well, this is my 5ooth posting here on
What I wanted to do was do a thanksgiving rant.
But, didn't quite work out, since I wasn't near
my laptop at the time being.
Guess I just wanted my 500th post
to be a pointless rant.
Rather than another posting.
Thanks to all who have been viewing this
blog and keep it going.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nicki Minaj - Right On! Magazine Photoshoot

Here's a screen shot for the time being.
I can't wait till the actual photos are out.
This photoshoot looked pretty sick.
Nicki seems to be everywhere.
Other ladies needa watch out.
For damn sure.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Major Lazer - Keep It Goin' [feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze]

Major Lazer never ceased to amaze me.
But any video drected by Eric Wareheim does.
Nina Sky on the track? Remember them?
Good combo I say.
I like the track.
But I guess you should expect intense ugly girls
From Eric Wareheim.
That's why we watch his videos, right?
Video + Track on point.
Good job Eric.


Monday, November 23, 2009


This here is MarzLoveJoy.
A very talented writer.
Be on the lookout for this girl.
From her videos, I was hooked.
You will be as well.
Download "Dear John Doe".
Also, be sure to check out her
twitter and her youtube accounts.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fresh Out The Box - Black Friday Sale

Fresh Out The Box - [F.O.T.B.]
Is having a epic sale this Black Friday.
Be sure to come through, and cop what you need to.
Before it's all gone!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Behind the scenes of "Bedrock" video shoot

Here's the video to the photos of the
"Bedrock" post I did.


Modern Collective

So it's no mystery why I blogged this.
Aside from the epic teaser to the documentary.
Ahem. Justice - Planisphere - Dior 1 in the background.
More over at


N.A.S.A. – Spacious Thoughts [Ft.Tom Waits & Kool Keith]

I just think the visuals are sick in this video.
They totally flow with the track too.
Good job N.A.S.A.


PUMA Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik Collection

I just think this collection is on point.
The white ones, with the timbo lookin lace up.
I fucks with these.
via hypebeast


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photos of "Bedrock" video

Wouldn't this been a fun video to be on set on?
More over at
Derick Fucking G

It's Good To Be Birdman's Friend

So Birdman gives Kevin the Young Money dogtag chain.
On set of "4 My Town"
[Birdman feat. Drake & Lil Wayne]
I don't even wanna know how much this is...
Behind the scenes right here,

via Derick G

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crookers - No Security [feat. Kelis]

So the video, suites the crookers.
Kelis on the track??
She did her damn thing.
I liked the track overall.
Dope shit.


Wiz hates spicy food

Not the best interview,
but nonetheless, a interview?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camron - I am the owner of dipset

First off, he looks high as fuck.
Second, those women.
Come on now cam...
Anyway, he said it.
Now you know.


Beyonce Ft Lady Gaga - Video Phone [Remix]

All I gotta say is.
B looks finer than ever.
The gun play.. fuhhh.
Gaga.. I don't know..
She looks different.
Looks better.. "normal".
The chair scene, she pulled it off.
Must be a daily routine for Jay.
Lucky bastard.


Gucci Mane - My Own Worst Enemy

Pay attention to they lyrics.
Shouts to T.I. and Jeezy in this one.
One of his better songs I think.


If I Should Die..

I'm in a ranting mood. And on my mind, death.
Nahh, i'm not jumpin off any bridge.
What i'm talking about
Is...what if I died? I mean, we all die.
But I just think I have
alot going on for me at this time.
And it'd just be ridiculous
If I died haha. What I mean is...
There is so many things I
want to do, that hasn't been done yet.
Things I know I can
achieve, but not completed yet. I guess i'm on a...
"achieve my dreams" high. I don't know...
All I know is that these next
few months should be interesting.
Collab in the process with
Steve Sincere.
Casen Kreation x Family Business
Landed a internship at Fresh Out The Box.
And i'm going to persue DJing soon.
3 current things that I wanna see prosper.
3 things that I will deff follow up on...
I know all of this wouldn't be possible if
God wasn't in the picture.
So thanks to the man upstairs...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Clipse Feat. Camron - Popular Demand [Popeyes]

Fucking Clipse.
Camron, grew your beard out.
Yeah I would notice that.


Did It Again Remix – Shakira Feat. Kid Cudi

Here's the artwork for the
Did it again remix - Shakira Feat. Kid Cudi
Her album "She Wolf" is out Nov. 23rd

Cudi x Drake x Wale -GQ

Cudi, Drake, and Wale make a article in Decembers
GQ issue in a article called "Gangsta Killers".
Check the write up.

Have you been listening to hip-hop this year? If not, we’ve got good news: The gangster persona is finally dead, and these are the kids who killed it. One song at a time, they built a new era in which duct-taped kilos, exotic firearms, and freaky girls are out and real life is the focus. That can still mean trumped-up egos and battle raps, but it also means family, drama, vicious hangovers, and regular chicks who will make good love to you, then stomp out your heart. (Weed? Weed is always in.) Wale is as famous for his live shows as for the slick-witted lyricism of his debut, Attention Deficit. Kid Cudi is the cutup who scored with the stoner anthem “Day N Nite” and his album Man on the Moon. And then there’s Drake, who found himself turning down multimillion-dollar offers after his single “Best I Ever Had” exploded. (It helps that the girls like Drake. A lot.) Drake’s debut, Thank Me Later is easily the most anticipated album of 2010 So what do these underdogs thing about being cast as gangster slayers? “The dope boy is going to be a fixture of black culture as long as “thug” is a legitimate option alongside a job” Drake says. But I’m not going to rap about how much crack I’ve sold.” Cudi also laughs at the idea of talking tough. “Anybody from cleveland will tell you I wasn’t in the streets” he says. “Ask them! They’ll say, ‘Scott was the goofy class clown.”

Sweet 16

On Saturday we went to this...
Invite only, V.I.P. list type shit
Sweet 16 Party.
Didn't know the girl.
Or anyone there.
We were with the band.
Cakes & Brains did very well.
Jay jumped on the stage too.
Don't have the pictures, but I took over
DJ for some time. Shit went wild.
Got the crew together. On stage.
Got shit poppin when it wasn't.
Speaking of DJing.. You'll see more photos
Of that in due time...
I ran into some guy that looked like me.
Well, he had a fro too.
So we all mobbed it over to him and his friends.
Made a scene. Took the photo. You know.
All these kids were from xavier.
Long story short-
These kids be ballin.
The house we were at...
Had a fucking volleyball court in the backyard.
Had a 3 car garage, in the backyard.
Had a game room that look like
Some master bedroom type shit.
They had a chocolate fountain.
Cotton candy & popcorn machine.
Arizona & Sobe drinks on deck.
I didn't even wanna go look inside the house.
Overall, sick house. Sick party.
Great fucking times.