Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet 16

On Saturday we went to this...
Invite only, V.I.P. list type shit
Sweet 16 Party.
Didn't know the girl.
Or anyone there.
We were with the band.
Cakes & Brains did very well.
Jay jumped on the stage too.
Don't have the pictures, but I took over
DJ for some time. Shit went wild.
Got the crew together. On stage.
Got shit poppin when it wasn't.
Speaking of DJing.. You'll see more photos
Of that in due time...
I ran into some guy that looked like me.
Well, he had a fro too.
So we all mobbed it over to him and his friends.
Made a scene. Took the photo. You know.
All these kids were from xavier.
Long story short-
These kids be ballin.
The house we were at...
Had a fucking volleyball court in the backyard.
Had a 3 car garage, in the backyard.
Had a game room that look like
Some master bedroom type shit.
They had a chocolate fountain.
Cotton candy & popcorn machine.
Arizona & Sobe drinks on deck.
I didn't even wanna go look inside the house.
Overall, sick house. Sick party.
Great fucking times.


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