Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If I Should Die..

I'm in a ranting mood. And on my mind, well..my death.
Nahh, i'm not jumpin off any bridge.
What i'm talking about
Is...what if I died? I mean, we all die.
But I just think I have
alot going on for me at this time.
And it'd just be ridiculous
If I died haha. What I mean is...
There is so many things I
want to do, that hasn't been done yet.
Things I know I can
achieve, but not completed yet. I guess i'm on a...
"achieve my dreams" high. I don't know...
All I know is that these next
few months should be interesting.
Collab in the process with
Steve Sincere.
Casen Kreation x Family Business
Landed a internship at Fresh Out The Box.
And i'm going to persue DJing soon.
3 current things that I wanna see prosper.
3 things that I will deff follow up on...
I know all of this wouldn't be possible if
God wasn't in the picture.
So thanks to the man upstairs...

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