Thursday, August 28, 2008


Seems like everyone is "same minded"
About: election, guys, girls, people.
I think the word here is arrogant.
Don't think we'll ever change.
So fuck you.
And the person you're thinking,
Those thoughts about.

Last Weekend Of Summer

Friday and Saturday.
[Sunday and Monday for those extended partiers]
Well tomorrow is the last Friday of summer.
Hopefully all of your summers were great.
And off to Class of 09.
Lets enjoy this weekend, And this upcoming year.
The past 3 years went by real quick..
To all you underclassmen, enjoy your stay.
Its gunna hit you faster than that vodka that you had
at that one party you were sooooo cool at.
Gunna be your sophomore year? Enjoy it.
You're no longer a whack freshman.
But you're not right under the seniors.
Have fun, but dont be fucking retarded.
With that said.. Good luck. Be safe.
And enjoy yourselves most of all.



Just watched the acception speech.
Amazing. In so many words.
And to all you ignorant people,
lets grow up.
Change in 08.
Go Obama.


Supreme Fall/Winter 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Common (Feat. Pharell) - Announcement

Supra's In Can't Believe It Video

I believe we're seeing the the Supra Vaider Red/Gold on T-Pain.

And the all white Supra Skytop on Lil Wayne.

He also wore the Comakazi's a while back...


Monday, August 25, 2008

Aquanisha Caddilac Jenkins 3rd


Okay, If this isn't unprofessional.... I don't know what is.
So many random/uncalled for commercials these days.
When are the good ones coming back?
If there were any good ones to begin with?
...You think about that shit.

Senior Schedule.

2.English IV
4.Office Aide

Wow. Going to summer school every year, since freshman year has paid off.
Only 2 classes? Waking up late leaving early? Just great.
Everyone has full 6 classes. AP this AP that. hahah.
Blah blah blah I know what you're thinking,
And no. I plan on going to FIDM.
So shut your mouth.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

"This Girl #9"

Now I don't usually reveal who the "girl" is.
But in this case I have to. She is Sarah Sweet “brown rice" Sixteen McSweeney.
Affilated with M.O.B. You can read more about her

"We can talk about stickers, do you like stickers?"

one of my favorite movies.


Kicks And Chicks x Casen Kreation pt.II

Here are the rest of the photographs from the Kicks And Chicks x Casen Kreation Collab.



Seems everyone is looking for one.
And I don't think they'll stop for some time.
It's only going to get worse.
People don't understand that I can't just "Poof" and get to it.
Shit takes time, its a damn process.
Alot more to what the average eye sees.
So talk, i'll listen.
Leave it at that. And let me do my work.
And being the nice guy that I am,
It's gunna snap one of these days.
So stop asking. And start doing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kicks And Chicks x Casen Kreation Collaboration

Just got a photo in from the Kicks And Chicks photoshoot.

Shantell Reisinger is wearing the "Cakes & Brains" tee.
There is much more to come!
Check it out on the Casen Kreation™ Myspace.
And on

Buy the shirt at



Monday, August 11, 2008


...I'm at a loss of words right now... everyone is hating on everyone it seems. people that are "in the game" "wearing the shit before you knew what the shit was" okay.. at one point in all of our life times, we didnt know the brand, and were new to it. now... I give props for those of you that have been rocking the shit before everyone else. shit, thats whats good. and all you hypebeasts? come on now.. some of you guys are creepin into your 18's, 19's and shit. and you kids doing it, i'll cut you SOME slack. cuz you're kids. and it seems everyone is "hating" on everyone. blogs, photographs. clothing lines. okay okay. everyone is saying, "im doing me" fool. TF?! you are not. you are following. and we all follow. thats why we call them "trends" they come and go. watch. all you "hypebeasts" i give it about another year, 2 max. and the day will come where we dont see oversized people in SKINNY jeans. come on now.. that why they're called skinny jeans. common sense people. no more over the top bright shit. okay, one bright thing, at that and you're good. but some of you idiots look like walking construction signs. its insane. idk.. just nowadays alot of people are trying things out that dont fit them, im not saying to NOT trying things out. im just saying, if you're gunna do something. do it. and shut your mouth. "actions speak louder than words" thats what i came to. if you ride your skateboard all day, great. ride that wood. no need to say you do. post a picture. what have you. people will get the damn point. you brag about it, ig gives the people to talk shit. and bring you down. be smart now. same goes with your "unique style" shut the fuck up. if there is a unique style out there, fucking show me. evertything has been recycled. from the 1700's till now. its a cycle. so please dont brag about your shit, i mean.. fuck idk. it bugs me when people front like they're on some other shit. when you look just as plain as the next guy next to you. you're into fashion? good. better than being into fucking.. whats bad.. drugs or shit. and you people with clothing lines... WHAT THE FUCK?! release parties? collabs? collections? okay okay.. i've only had my line for a year. and I can even say its not the best. why? cuz I know its not. there is still shit to perfect on it. but like.. fools are planning release parties? come on now.. no one even knows your name. get it fucking established first. idk.. seems that EVERYONE wants that easy way out. no one wants that 9-5 job. fuck, i dont. among many reasons, thats one reason i started my line.. my first shirt.. cut me some slack. actually. fuck you. i dont need your slack. it was a first shirt. i rushed it. oh well. summer collection. ehh not the best shit. but had a selection of shirts out at once. not just one shirt at a time. winter is coming.. detail. and even then i know i wont be happy. im a fucking perfectionist. so help me. i took a good 6 months+ to get my shit trademarked. get that shit done. then fuck with me. people ask where i get my shit done, whos my supplier.. TF?! go ask bobby hundreds that, see what he tells you. or a fucking drug dealer for that matter. you'll get pistol whipped bitch! respect. thats what it comes to i think.. just respect those that have been doing it longer than you, and learn from them. dont come into the game all high and mighty, cuz you WILL be shot down. like me and photography.. i havent been into it for long, just picked it up. and i like it. just a couple photoshop tricks and bam. but i do wanna get serious about it. a serious hobby. buy a $1500 camera. fuck. in due time.. in case of those of you who thought, "well hey. looks whose talking" fuck that. im talking. and im doing. people are just so.. fuck. so many words to describe you fuckers. i agree with tyler the creator too, about the youtube videos. how there arent any good ones left.. i totally agree with that shit. something should be done. like a "whack" filter or some shit. or have a separate site called "whacktube" and "goodtube" fuck. idk. to sum shit up. if you're going to do something. do it. and dont let anyone stop you. you always here that "1 in a million shit" fuck. if johnny cupcakes and be that one in a million. why cant i be that second in a million? i'll make my shit happen. if you're determined, so will you. stop being fake. and you know you are. grow up. live your own life. and shut your mouth.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

UFC 87

Just like I said, St-Pierre took it all the way.

"St. Pierre defeats Fitch by unanimous decision. The judges scored the bout 50-43, 50-44, 50-44"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whatever You Like

In a follow up to the I guess I Can post,
Heres the actual video.

Maxim August 2008

If you haven't gotten yours.
Do so.

"This Girl"

Okay... Its about time I blog this shit. If you've seen my profile over the past few months I have a random girl on there under "This Girl" every so often. Pretty much the "Girl" of the moment. So for lack of not knowing whos who, I'll post the past "Girls".

"This Girl#1"

"This Girl#2"

"This Girl#3"

"This Girl#4"

"This Girl#5"

"This Girl#6"

"This Girl#7"

And now, "This Girl#8"

Pineapple Express

Now I don't usually blog about movies, simply because most dont strike interest.
Pineapple Express is pretty much the best movie of the summer.
Better than Step Brothers. Although Step Brothers had me laughing, like I havent laughed in a theater for some time, Pineapple Express kills it. And definitely smashes on Dark Knight.

We have all seen Seth Rogen in many movies over the months.. or so it seems.. Most memorbale,
Knocked Up. And James Franco. You probably remember him from Spider Man, Fly Boys, Annapolis, Ect...

So if you havent seen it, please do. And so i've heard... seeing it in "express" mode makes it 10x better.

Here is a legit billboard on Sunset Blvd.

Pineapple express smoking billboard sunset blvd from kellen on Vimeo.

And a short interview with Seth Rogen

Inside 'Pineapple Express' - Pot and James Franco from WatchMojo on Vimeo.

Oh, and remember the girlfriend?
You may have seen her in one of my favorite movies,
Alpha Dog where she hooks up with the little brother in the pool.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

TH Fall

no homo. but this is a sick get up.
I love the hoodie, the way it over crosses.
peep the rest of the fall line

Monday, August 4, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes L.A. Shoppe Grand Opening

Woke up at a early 8am. Passing the Deserts landmarks

Road tripp

I don't know how many bridges I passed, but damn there were quite a few.

Ahh L.A. traffic

I saw this cat at a stop light. Just thinking.. not only are the people, but the animals of Cali are chill. Huh...

Never seen a ipod billboard before, definitely a eye catcher

Famous Fairfax

Finally made it!...Now to look for parking. ugh.

Bape across the street


Free drinks


Still waiting

While waiting.. We got bugged by this bee! or was it a beetle.. not sure
we got rescued though...

I saw this lady with a cool lookin.. I forget the word.. pink ladies? I forget. This old 50's looking dress. With the Johnny Cupcakes logo on it. A future Johnny Cupcakes women's item?? Or just a home made dress? I guess we'll find out..

Moving in the line, this girl came down with this oversized cupcake!maybe she brought it for Johnny, or he gave it to her.. huh..

Shouts to attic

This will be here for some time

Remember the vintage van that camped out 4 DAYS before the opening?



3pm. Opening. What the hell is going on?!

Almost there..

Now this guy was cool. Johnny had him take photos of the event all day. [he must have had some special cupcakes] So he passed by several times, taking random pictures when you werent even looking. I said, okay look.. How about this.. You take a picture of us, while I take a picture of you. Deal? Deal.

About a good 10 feet from the door.
This is around 7-8pm

No.. It cant be.. Am I finally in??

My freshly baked goods

Sweet sign huh?

Sweet door too huh?

In the back of the shop. V.I.P. With the sister's [Johnnys] friends.

On my way out.. Me and the sister [Johnnys]

Johnny Cupcakes x Casen Kreation

Over all.. The night was amazing. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.
He really went all out with this store. Probably the most creative store on Melrose.
And if you didnt make it out to the grand opening, then you really missed out.
Good job Johnny,