Monday, August 11, 2008


...I'm at a loss of words right now... everyone is hating on everyone it seems. people that are "in the game" "wearing the shit before you knew what the shit was" okay.. at one point in all of our life times, we didnt know the brand, and were new to it. now... I give props for those of you that have been rocking the shit before everyone else. shit, thats whats good. and all you hypebeasts? come on now.. some of you guys are creepin into your 18's, 19's and shit. and you kids doing it, i'll cut you SOME slack. cuz you're kids. and it seems everyone is "hating" on everyone. blogs, photographs. clothing lines. okay okay. everyone is saying, "im doing me" fool. TF?! you are not. you are following. and we all follow. thats why we call them "trends" they come and go. watch. all you "hypebeasts" i give it about another year, 2 max. and the day will come where we dont see oversized people in SKINNY jeans. come on now.. that why they're called skinny jeans. common sense people. no more over the top bright shit. okay, one bright thing, at that and you're good. but some of you idiots look like walking construction signs. its insane. idk.. just nowadays alot of people are trying things out that dont fit them, im not saying to NOT trying things out. im just saying, if you're gunna do something. do it. and shut your mouth. "actions speak louder than words" thats what i came to. if you ride your skateboard all day, great. ride that wood. no need to say you do. post a picture. what have you. people will get the damn point. you brag about it, ig gives the people to talk shit. and bring you down. be smart now. same goes with your "unique style" shut the fuck up. if there is a unique style out there, fucking show me. evertything has been recycled. from the 1700's till now. its a cycle. so please dont brag about your shit, i mean.. fuck idk. it bugs me when people front like they're on some other shit. when you look just as plain as the next guy next to you. you're into fashion? good. better than being into fucking.. whats bad.. drugs or shit. and you people with clothing lines... WHAT THE FUCK?! release parties? collabs? collections? okay okay.. i've only had my line for a year. and I can even say its not the best. why? cuz I know its not. there is still shit to perfect on it. but like.. fools are planning release parties? come on now.. no one even knows your name. get it fucking established first. idk.. seems that EVERYONE wants that easy way out. no one wants that 9-5 job. fuck, i dont. among many reasons, thats one reason i started my line.. my first shirt.. cut me some slack. actually. fuck you. i dont need your slack. it was a first shirt. i rushed it. oh well. summer collection. ehh not the best shit. but had a selection of shirts out at once. not just one shirt at a time. winter is coming.. detail. and even then i know i wont be happy. im a fucking perfectionist. so help me. i took a good 6 months+ to get my shit trademarked. get that shit done. then fuck with me. people ask where i get my shit done, whos my supplier.. TF?! go ask bobby hundreds that, see what he tells you. or a fucking drug dealer for that matter. you'll get pistol whipped bitch! respect. thats what it comes to i think.. just respect those that have been doing it longer than you, and learn from them. dont come into the game all high and mighty, cuz you WILL be shot down. like me and photography.. i havent been into it for long, just picked it up. and i like it. just a couple photoshop tricks and bam. but i do wanna get serious about it. a serious hobby. buy a $1500 camera. fuck. in due time.. in case of those of you who thought, "well hey. looks whose talking" fuck that. im talking. and im doing. people are just so.. fuck. so many words to describe you fuckers. i agree with tyler the creator too, about the youtube videos. how there arent any good ones left.. i totally agree with that shit. something should be done. like a "whack" filter or some shit. or have a separate site called "whacktube" and "goodtube" fuck. idk. to sum shit up. if you're going to do something. do it. and dont let anyone stop you. you always here that "1 in a million shit" fuck. if johnny cupcakes and be that one in a million. why cant i be that second in a million? i'll make my shit happen. if you're determined, so will you. stop being fake. and you know you are. grow up. live your own life. and shut your mouth.