Monday, August 4, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes L.A. Shoppe Grand Opening

Woke up at a early 8am. Passing the Deserts landmarks

Road tripp

I don't know how many bridges I passed, but damn there were quite a few.

Ahh L.A. traffic

I saw this cat at a stop light. Just thinking.. not only are the people, but the animals of Cali are chill. Huh...

Never seen a ipod billboard before, definitely a eye catcher

Famous Fairfax

Finally made it!...Now to look for parking. ugh.

Bape across the street


Free drinks


Still waiting

While waiting.. We got bugged by this bee! or was it a beetle.. not sure
we got rescued though...

I saw this lady with a cool lookin.. I forget the word.. pink ladies? I forget. This old 50's looking dress. With the Johnny Cupcakes logo on it. A future Johnny Cupcakes women's item?? Or just a home made dress? I guess we'll find out..

Moving in the line, this girl came down with this oversized cupcake!maybe she brought it for Johnny, or he gave it to her.. huh..

Shouts to attic

This will be here for some time

Remember the vintage van that camped out 4 DAYS before the opening?



3pm. Opening. What the hell is going on?!

Almost there..

Now this guy was cool. Johnny had him take photos of the event all day. [he must have had some special cupcakes] So he passed by several times, taking random pictures when you werent even looking. I said, okay look.. How about this.. You take a picture of us, while I take a picture of you. Deal? Deal.

About a good 10 feet from the door.
This is around 7-8pm

No.. It cant be.. Am I finally in??

My freshly baked goods

Sweet sign huh?

Sweet door too huh?

In the back of the shop. V.I.P. With the sister's [Johnnys] friends.

On my way out.. Me and the sister [Johnnys]

Johnny Cupcakes x Casen Kreation

Over all.. The night was amazing. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.
He really went all out with this store. Probably the most creative store on Melrose.
And if you didnt make it out to the grand opening, then you really missed out.
Good job Johnny,


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