Monday, June 30, 2008

Nike Air Yeezy's

Personally.. I think its just another hyped up shoe.
But nowadays.. what shoe isnt hyped up?
But i'd be lieing if I said they weren't dope.
The pearl color and the all black are my favorites.
Most likely to cop.
With the glow in the dark in them..
Just adds to it.
I remember back in the day as a kid,
If your shoes lit up, you were the coolest kid.
Well.. at least where I was.
Hopefully we get some solid info on this sneaker soon.
You can read about them at and

That was quick

I only placed the order a few nights ago?
Thanks Rogue, you deliever.


Don't know what I did, but its working!

Long Day.

woke up in the AM. the damn AM! 8 to be exact...
couldnt find the damn a/c place,finally found it.h e told me on the phone he could do it,i get there.. ohh a 86?? nahh we dont service those cars,its like x amount for a pound im like.okayy can you just do it? nope, dont carry the stuff. try X X.

okay.. leave, get at X wait for a good hour, its now..almost 12pm, 1pm? now my a/c is good to go. after $XXX.oh well. its cold now in my car.

left, picked up rob.went to PD. had a appt.leave at 3pm mobb it to Cat City. get there. 4pm. fixed upholestry.leave.

go to EPIDEMIC, got some stuff. pretty clean.TH x OBEY[for rob] x KALEIDOPSCOPE video.

HAVENT ATE ALL DAY. craving FAT we eat. and eat well. phone dies out around 7pm.oh well.

take our time home, drop him off. 8pm.get home, 9ishh?
eat. scolded. awarded.shower. clean room. whackspace.
i wish i would have took pictures for the blog,
"wasnt thinking"oh well. there will be other times.


Oldies But Goodies

will be ordering these tonight,
just some stuff i've been meaning
to get, just haven't had the time for.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mike Valley:First Hand

Just finished watching the 3 part series. Amazing to say the least. Now, by no means am I a skater, nor do I skate. But growing up, I can say he is one of or is my favorite skaters. Hes in your face. And just doesnt give a fuck! The attitude that is so much "tried" on by so many people. Mike was just born that way I think. Another thing I like about him, hes real. Always has been. Plus, hes sponsored by SOBE! Green tea is my favorite. You should see my garage.. But thats another day, another time. He is also pursuing his own band, Revolution Mother. On tour in Europe.

Well here are the videos. Take some time out and view them.

Here is a recap of his "Twenty-One Years".

And im sure ALL of you have seen the famous beat down he gave 4 frat boys,
no need to repost that embarrassment. [their embarrassment. not mikes.]
But here is a recent "fun one".

Fancy that..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes Summer 08

Ahhh [sniff sniff] smell that?
Smells like some Freshly Baked goods over at Johnny Cupcakes!
The new Summer 08 line is pretty ill I must say.
ALOT more designs.
The salior and batman styles are pretty sick.
He even has a little floating key chain
in case you loose your keys at bay this summer!
Be sure to cop today!

NIKE x Fragment Design Zoom Tennis Classic for Charity of Sichuan, China

these are pretty clean. you can read more and bid on them here.


View the blog for more info



Okay.. I download mixtapes and tracks like no ones business. But this one right here..

This is some real shit. I havent heard tunes like this in some time. I've listened to the mixtape all damn day! I usually skip around to find some dope tracks [dont act like you havent before] but from the intro to the outro this shit is on point. Born and raised in Los Angeles, this cat knows his shit. Beats from Uncle Dave, Three-1-Zero, and Mike Daley are on the tape. And if you know Uncle Dave, Three-1-Zero, and Mike Daley you know you're in for something nothing less of amazing. The mixtape is called "The Birth". So if you been a real lame, and havent downloaded it, FOR FREE yet. Then get to it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No.. He Didn't

I Guess Diamonds Aren't Forever..

"I feel ashamed that I broke the laws of this country, a country that has been so good for me. I will carry this shame for the rest of my life." "I feel ashamed that I broke the laws of this country, a country that has been so good for me. I will carry this shame for the rest of my life."

Read about it here

The next hype?

First COD4... Now this shit...

How many hot girls are there in the video?

Everyone Nose - Behind The Scenes


havent been able to post in almost a week now.
posts coming soon. check out

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Run Pharrell!


I sat back in my chair and just thought about my life.
A look on how a year has came and went.
Where I was then, and where I am now.

A friend told me today..
"Casen.. look where you were last year, and look where you are now..
Now imagine 5 years from now.."
That shit right there took my mind on a roller coaster ride.
Last year.. Sure of what I want to do with my life.. and now im doing it.
My life is pretty surreal. I can't really believe whats going on now.
Let alone in 5 fucking years! hahah
Its like.. "wow". I see people wearing my shirts.. with my name on it?!
Like.. who the fuck does that?! Its crazy.
Im pleased myself with the Summer 08 Collection,
But the real groundbreaker is going to be the Winter line..
(Good Sigh..) Im just glad I was brought up the way I was,
My personality, humor, style, ect. ect.
If it wasnt for those infulential people that raised me..
I dont know where id be..

Probably selling something illegal instead of clothes hahah.
So with that said.. [im sure i'll rant more on this subject in due time..]
The Summer 08 Collection line is ALMOST ready to move to the
online store.
I updated the Casen Kreation Myspace too, well gave it a facelift.
Its not perfect. Also.. I STILL havent done the website. I know, im slackin it.
Anyone that can make a LEGIT page, hit me up on the spaaace.
Ahh thanks for reading, listening.
Have a great night.


Lil Wayne x R. Kelly Diss..

By the name of Tara Ellis..
With a sense of humor,
crossed up with some pop, rock, and soul.
Give her a lurk.


After missing fridays and yesterdays delivery,
I made sure I was at my house!
And I must say.. satisfied

Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Going Casen.

So I was at In-N-Out today, making my usual round..
When this older woman stopped by.
Now I was halfway in the bite of my 4x4 animal style burger,

when she said...
"Those are some pretty cool glasses, you know you're cool when you're wearing those.."
After I swallowed, my first inital shock was.. hey, this somewhat elderly woman knows
whats up! I was suprised she even knew what brand I was wearing...
The next few words that came out of her mouth amazed the shit out of me...
"Yeah, my son owns that brand."
I got goosebumps and a all hot real quick.
I said, "Wait.. did you say your son owns this brand?!"

She replied, "Why yes, my son and Mr. Arnette used to design together"
[she said something like that..]
The brand of sunglasses I was wearing, was Electric.
The mother, of the owner of Electric Sunglasses was complementing me on my sunglasses.
Yeah, it wasnt the real guy but come on.. I was a bit star struck.
So my mom, [promoting my line wherever she can] comes into the conversation,
"Well yeah, the glasses are great. Thats all my son wears. Actually.. my son has his
own clothing line..." Woman replies, "Oh really? How neat! Which one is it?"
[I can speak for myself] I say, "Casen Kreation. But the "C" in "Creation" is actually a "K"
Even before she asks about my line, Im already reaching for my wallet, hoping to God that
I have one of my brand new business cards that I just got made in my wallet...
The woman replies back, "Why that is so good!, its good that you are doing something at such
a young age..." My mom butts in, "I know right?! He's always had a passion for clothing..."
blah blah blah. So.. I look in my superman wallet, and no. It cant be.. I dont have a damn business card to save my life! Mom says, "Oh no son.. you should always have a card on you!?" [im thinking, wow] Shes looking through her purse.. the woman is looking at us like we're crazy. She asks, "Well what was the name again?" I tell her. "Oh okay, i'll be sure to tell my son about you." Doubtful she will forget... Now she wasnt the mother to Supreme or Johnny Cupcakes, but nonetheless a mother whose son is important! I could have gave her a card, and maybe would have had a Electric x Casen Kreation collabo... SHIT! That pretty much made, and did my day.

LESSON LEARNED: ALWAYS HAVE BUSINESS CARDS ON YOU! You never know what mom who has a son that owns a mult-million/billion dollar company you might meet!

Well then... on another note.. I've been getting alot of feedback from the pictures I've posted on the Summer 08 Collection. Thank you. They will be made available to the online store hopefully in days... You can check out the myspace at The website is still not up, I know I know, majorly slacking it. Know anyone that could do a legit site? hit me up on the myspace.

Hopefully everyone has had a great day, and your summer is going smoothly!




Nike Hyperdunk Yi Jianlian China Edition

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Its been a while since a post,
been busy trying to get everything
in order for the Summer 08 Collection.
heres whats going down over in Venice..


Monday, June 9, 2008

Rock The Vote


dont be retarded and buy a MAINSTREAM album.

come on.. really.. as far as music know whos really
lyrically, and musically inclined..ahem..