Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I sat back in my chair and just thought about my life.
A look on how a year has came and went.
Where I was then, and where I am now.

A friend told me today..
"Casen.. look where you were last year, and look where you are now..
Now imagine 5 years from now.."
That shit right there took my mind on a roller coaster ride.
Last year.. Sure of what I want to do with my life.. and now im doing it.
My life is pretty surreal. I can't really believe whats going on now.
Let alone in 5 fucking years! hahah
Its like.. "wow". I see people wearing my shirts.. with my name on it?!
Like.. who the fuck does that?! Its crazy.
Im pleased myself with the Summer 08 Collection,
But the real groundbreaker is going to be the Winter line..
(Good Sigh..) Im just glad I was brought up the way I was,
My personality, humor, style, ect. ect.
If it wasnt for those infulential people that raised me..
I dont know where id be..

Probably selling something illegal instead of clothes hahah.
So with that said.. [im sure i'll rant more on this subject in due time..]
The Summer 08 Collection line is ALMOST ready to move to the
online store.
I updated the Casen Kreation Myspace too, well gave it a facelift.
Its not perfect. Also.. I STILL havent done the website. I know, im slackin it.
Anyone that can make a LEGIT page, hit me up on the spaaace.
Ahh thanks for reading, listening.
Have a great night.


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