Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mike Valley:First Hand

Just finished watching the 3 part series. Amazing to say the least. Now, by no means am I a skater, nor do I skate. But growing up, I can say he is one of or is my favorite skaters. Hes in your face. And just doesnt give a fuck! The attitude that is so much "tried" on by so many people. Mike was just born that way I think. Another thing I like about him, hes real. Always has been. Plus, hes sponsored by SOBE! Green tea is my favorite. You should see my garage.. But thats another day, another time. He is also pursuing his own band, Revolution Mother. On tour in Europe.

Well here are the videos. Take some time out and view them.

Here is a recap of his "Twenty-One Years".

And im sure ALL of you have seen the famous beat down he gave 4 frat boys,
no need to repost that embarrassment. [their embarrassment. not mikes.]
But here is a recent "fun one".

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