Monday, June 30, 2008

Long Day.

woke up in the AM. the damn AM! 8 to be exact...
couldnt find the damn a/c place,finally found it.h e told me on the phone he could do it,i get there.. ohh a 86?? nahh we dont service those cars,its like x amount for a pound im like.okayy can you just do it? nope, dont carry the stuff. try X X.

okay.. leave, get at X wait for a good hour, its now..almost 12pm, 1pm? now my a/c is good to go. after $XXX.oh well. its cold now in my car.

left, picked up rob.went to PD. had a appt.leave at 3pm mobb it to Cat City. get there. 4pm. fixed upholestry.leave.

go to EPIDEMIC, got some stuff. pretty clean.TH x OBEY[for rob] x KALEIDOPSCOPE video.

HAVENT ATE ALL DAY. craving FAT we eat. and eat well. phone dies out around 7pm.oh well.

take our time home, drop him off. 8pm.get home, 9ishh?
eat. scolded. awarded.shower. clean room. whackspace.
i wish i would have took pictures for the blog,
"wasnt thinking"oh well. there will be other times.


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