Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jay Curry x Cakes & Brains + Others = Show

For all those in the 760.
There will be a free show this Saturday.
5:00pm is when it starts.
Stay later though, that's when my boy Jay Curry
And Matt, lead singer of Cakes & Brains
Will be playing.
Just go to LQHS.
The show is literally right across the street.
Cakes & Brains, Jay Curry, Bodegas,
Sh, Sh, Shane! and September Smile
Will be playing that night.
And, there might be a few suprise performances
From our boys in the LBC-L.A. area.
You deff wanna come through.
CD's will be sold as well as my
So bring cash.
*Special discount for those who buy it at the show*

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