Monday, December 8, 2008


So I just released my next shirt up for sale on my site.
Just look at the post below.
This is the first shirt of the winter '09 collection.
Hopefully more will follow.

Questions i've been getting...
"Is this just a shirt company?"
"Do you sponsor?"

No, this is not just another "T-Shirt" company.
In due time I eventually do wanna make jeans, hoodies, hats, etc.
It's just a bit hard for a 17 year old doing it all by himself.
I think Tyler summed it up pretty good in his,
the mixtape post on 11.18.08...

" tryna get this site done, shit printed, mag printed and this fucking mixtape thursday night.......fuck, im having a mental breakdown....because its alot to fucking do with no help from not one person...."

I think he's the only person that can relate to me.
What do we got on our minds..
School, our businesses, girls, future...
Very little, but a shit load for any teenager to handle all at once.
And to handle it legitimately.

So if you don't see a full blow winter line out.
And just the "Magic Show" shirt.
Then that's all you'll get.
Well, the 30 people that will get it anyway.
Yeah, only making 30 of them.
With the economy the way it is,
Money certainly doesnt grow on trees.
If it did, we'd all have bill gates type of houses.

So with all that shit put in mind...
Support some very young entreprenuers in there ventures.
Tyler and his mag/mixtape []
And my clothing line []
It'll be the best investment you'll make.
Better than that G you're about to buy.
Or what have you.


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