Thursday, December 18, 2008

"We don't have a 6th"

So today.. was eventful.
Left school at lunch.
Rob, Chris, and me we're hungry as hell.
So Red Robins it was.
Ate that good shit. Left.
Got gas.
Went to Mariah's place.
Picked up the memory card...
From Red Robin's to Mariah's place,
The area was swarmin with cops.
So, I knew it was only a matter of time
Before we got pulled over.
"There's too many cops out today, its
a fucking sign. The day I ditch, fuck.
It's a sign, watch Casen.. watch.."
-T Fo0
We leave, as we're leaving outta the gate, cop follows.
Get out, 2 stop lights to go..
Switch lanes, he switches lanes.
Calls another unit thats across the street from us.
We turn.
Lights go on.
Pull over...

After that shit.
Get asked 20 questions.
Guess I was going 40 something in a 25 zone.
It was a damn park. No one was present.
I thought that shit only counted WHEN PRESENT
Whatever, no ticket.
And as he pulled us over this song was playing..

Good Times - Styles P

And as we left, this song came on.

Today Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

How fucking random.
Today, was a good day.


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