Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, got done with the whole thing. It was interesting. Learned some stuff. Basically, in my... line of work. I'm either a Graphic Designer, [designing with photoshop/illustrator] designing various items.
Usually, in most cases. The graphic designers design for another company. Doing their shit that the company wants done. Next, is Apparel Manufacturing. That's cutting and sewing the fabric yourself. Actual designer shit. Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, etc.

[Oh, and when she asked me, "What kind of brands do you like?" I said... "Mmm. Wesc. TH. Freshjive. Casen Kreation. Mishka. BBC. Johnny Cupcakes. Calvin Klein." As soon as I said Calvin Klein, she caught on. So, that just told me she's not aware of/into the other brands of fashion. So why go to a school thats not in my venue of likeliness?]

Now.. It's either the one or the other. There's no in between. Graphic Designer.. you take the classes. And you intern and work for someone else. By the time you are in it, [I think] your dreams of owning your own shit are shot. And you stick with just designing for another company. Not my shit.

I also don't wanna cut the fabric and shit, they had these fashion books. Which had "predictions" for the upcoming years fashion. In various forms. In my line of clothing, "streetwear" [if thats what you call it, it should be called diversity, because in reality, we're all different] There isn't no prediction on our shit. We're random. Exclusive. Limited. We know its hot. We don't need a book to follow telling us that it will be hot. We do our shit because we know its hot. We don't have to predict hotness. And for the most part, we're not in chain stores. Or in every shop down the street. Totally different venues of fashion.We're individuals in the fashion industry, or how i'd like to see it as...

Anyway, Graphic Designing is not my thing. I love my laptop, and editing photos and what not. But not my thing. I suppose if anything, it should be the course that I do take. I'm dabbling in it, and i'll learn some, but I don't think it's my career of choice

Apparel Manufacturing. Not my thing. I'm not trying to make dresses and shit. I'm about limited edition clothing. Hats, T-Shirts, Accessories, ect. Which can all be done. All you need is the money, the design, and the right manufacturer to make your shit.
I want people to present their designs to me. With my concept of course and make tweaks to them. I'm running my shit. Have input on my design. I also do my own designs, and run it. But everyone has their speciality, and being an artist is not mine. I mean, do you see Tommy Hilfiger in the sewing room putting his jeans together? No. The only guy I know that's on a personal level with all his shit, is Johnny Cupcakes. I mean, i've personally met him and his works goes with his image.

I haven't been cutting up fabric and drawing since I was ten. I've been selling candy. And CD's. And braclets. And movies. Whatever I could since I was ten. I'm a business man. It's my calling, owning my own thing. And that thing just happens to be clothing. It's something that I love. And it's something that money can be made in. I know how to sell shit good. Been doing it since I was a kid, it's my specialty. I run my shit. And i'll continue to do so. Even if it's not at FIDM.
It's not the school for me.

There's no.. "Casen" courses there, so to say..
I'll probably be going to a state school for a business course to further my knowledge about it.

So overall, it was a great experience. Learned some things. But its just not the school for me.


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