Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day Of School.

Was great. Saw alot of new/old faces.
I think we put on an extra thousand kids this year.
Its insane. Definitely putting pictures up of the crowds.
Only 2 classes to do work for.
Nice teachers.
Easssssy schedule.
I love it.
If today is like the rest of the year,
Then count me the fuck in.
Lots of different kids.
Foriegn Exchange Students[or seemed to be]
Lots of different "styles" people over doing it as usual.
EMOSSSSSSS G'Damn. They can make their own little
City if they wanted to hahah.
And of course the usual "A Squad"/"Senior Square" people.
School wouldnt be school without them, right?!
hahahahah. ah no.
Overall... Very chill.
But chill.

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