Thursday, September 11, 2008

D'Elia's Grinders

Now... If you're ever in the University Ave, Riverside, CA area,
This is the place to eat.
THE BEST SANDWHICHES you have ever had.
They do party orders too!

I saw this guy walk out with what appeared to be
2 count em, 2 5-6ft sandwhiches, now thats a grinder.
How much for 2 5-6ft grinders? around 100 somethin.
This place has been around for years.
My grandparents and parents ate here.
Been going here myself for quite some time.
Stop by, they have not only world famous sandwhiches,
But burgers, grilled cheese, think it,

They probably have it.
They also have some pretty legit shirts...
[seriously, it is the bread]
Call em!

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