Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sex Addict

I don't know why. But first of all, he was funny to watch.
Second, putting the Jonas Brothers on blast like that,
numerous times, was also funny.
Fucked up. But funny.
So I thought... Why not?
I usually don't post my designs of shirts up.
Like I probably won't post up
the design of the limited edition shirt im working on.
Or the Fall/Winter 08 Collection for that matter.
Who knows, maybe. Maybe not.
Anyway, the shirt is black.
I don't know why blogger uploaded it in
a greyish type color. Its fucking up.
Total spur of the moment thing.
Save the criticism.
I would ask your thoughts on this shirt,
but I can really careless.
But if you would like to leave some thoughts,
feel free to do so.
Oh, and if I see this shirt going into production,
by some other brand.
Yeah, Im calling dibbs on the design.
You saw it here first.
Remember that shit.

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