Saturday, May 15, 2010

Odd Future Presents: RADICAL

Tyler Creator, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain,
Mike G, Jasper, Earl Sweatshirt, Taco all go in on on RADICAL.
The very first tape where they decide to rap over other beats.
The tape is interesting nonetheless. And it has ODD FUTURE all over it.

Tyler, The Creator: sup cuh

Casen Kreation: oh wassup yo

Tyler, The Creator: nuthin, just got back from stealing bacon.

Casen Kreation: haha ralphs?

Tyler, The Creator: yesssssur, hickory some shit, it's good tho.

Casen Kreation: is there a certain kind you only fuck with? lol

Tyler, The Creator: nah, I love all bacon. except for turkey bacon. I think it’s gay for a dude to pick that over pork, unless it’s the only one there, or he is Islamic.

Casen Kreation: agreed, that shit taste nasty as fuck too, never liked it.

Casen Kreation: aight, let's get in this shit

Tyler, The Creator: iight fashizzzzz

Casen Kreation: Catch us up on what's been going down since Bastard. There have been some releases since then by other members on the Odd Future label, correct?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah. Earl, Mellowhype, Mike G, niggas have been busy. Filming more, the skate team is gonna swag it out. I got fired from my job after 3 years, still in school, and uh, noticed that ofwgkta is my fucking family.

Casen Kreation: Fired from your job for 3 years? I thought you worked at a chill ass spot? TF happened?

Tyler, The Creator: New manager, I have a defiance problem.....we always argued till the day I was late and she figured out I can get fired for it.

Casen Kreation: Haha sounds like she was brain dead from the get go, oh well. You got what you needed out of it right?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, I mean, shit happens for a reason.

Casen Kreation: Onto the tape, who is Wolf Haley?

Tyler, The Creator: Haha, Wolf Haley is this guy I think I am deep down inside; I use him to look cool.

Casen Kreation: Blade by Earl Sweatshirt and Domo Genesis - What happened with that track? Couldn't make it to the studio or what? Haha.

Domo Genesis: Haha. College man. I was all the way in AZ, but I still plan on getting on that in the future.

Casen Kreation: Double Cheeseburger by Domo Genesis And Wolf Haley -
"I'm the super sega genesis, salute me gang invented this and you can't get no membership"
How did your name come about?

Domo Genesis: Well Sega Genesis was mos def my fave game system, represents my childhood, but beyond that, Genesis means beginning, so I wanted this to represent the beginning of a new me.

Casen Kreation: Drop by Earl Sweatshirt - "And i'm magic with the words murder merlin over beats" Do you think this is your best track yet?

Earl Sweatshirt: No. My best track, the track that I’ll never be able to surpass is earl. But drop is hot like fia tho.

Casen Kreation: Round And Round by Hodgy Beats, Jasper, And Mike G - What's the story behind this? It's fucking hilarious.

Hodgy Beats: The story we had on "Round and Round" is epic. Okay so the chick is "hungry" and I decide to feed her. Not food exactly but it works!

Earl Sweatshirt: Dem hoes is hungry out here on these streets, you feel? We out here my nigga, we out here.

Mike G: Dawg. We left Hodgy in the studio solo for like 2 hours and when we came back he had like five songs recorded. So we were listnin and we came across that track and I just had to throw a verse on it. The thing is, me nor Jasper had no fuckin idea where G got the subject matter for that song but i guess it worked out.

Casen Kreation: Orange Juice by EARL/WOLF - Now you and Earl are on this track together, how is it working with your brother? How did this project go? And you have ceased to put 2dopeboyz on blast, how far do you plan on taking the beef?

Tyler, The Creator: I love that lil nigga, we feed off of each other. The idea for radical was to do beats we've always liked, and we listen to a lot of Gucci and Waka shit, so, it came natural. And uh, it’s no beef really, I just hate they’re fucking guts and I hope they croak. If I ever see that shake nigga in person, I’m going to jail.

Casen Kreation: I got the vibe off the track. You two just flow with your shit. Damn. Enough said with that shit. EARL/WOLF. Is there a tape in the works with just you and him on the tape?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, EARL/WOLF is like our madvillain. It’s just us going in on tracks back to back on some red and meth shit. I’m not gonna do many beats tho. Left Brain is gonna lace us with some ill shit, gonna be like 7 tracks.

Casen Kreation: Clean, that is going to be a ridiculous tape. Any word on a release date?

Tyler, The Creator: Uhh, prob in August, who knows tho, it was just a sick idea.

Casen Kreation: Oblivion by Tyler, The Creator - The mood and overall feel is different from the other tracks, and has a different vibe from the other tracks you've done. Is there any significance or deep meaning to this track?

Tyler, The Creator: Not really, I just always wanted to rap over my favorite songs and shit. But the last verse on there is kinda deep, it’s explaining me writing to myself as a fan.

Casen Kreation: Up by Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis And Hodgy Beats - One of my favorite tracks off of Wiz's Kush And Orange Juice. Where does the inspiration come from for this track? Seems to touch some levels for all three of you.

Domo Genesis: Well getting high is my thing lol. I tried to deliver that feeling in a song.

Casen Kreation: Haha I hear ya on that, you deff delivered. What can we expect from you in the future?

Domo Genesis: My mixtape coming mad soon, Rolling Papers. Late May/early June.

Casen Kreation: Rolling Papers? Now that sounds like fire already. Can't wait to hear it man, keep up the good work.

Domo Genesis: As it will be my friend. Thanks.

Tyler, The Creator: I don’t smoke at the fuck all, so I wanted to make something that will give me that same HIGH feeling that Domo and Hodgy feel when they’re blazed. But this is my favorite wiz song.

Casen Kreation: On the drug issue, we know you don't fuck with them. Personal choice or you could give a fuckless?

Tyler, The Creator: I just don’t need them, I have a natural high. But last time I fucked with weed I ended up crying try to call the ambulance.

Casen Kreation: And the time Earl gave you weed brownies on new year’s, TF happened with all that?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, shirt off, curled up in a ball tryna kill myself. Worst night of my fucking life. So I don’t fuck with weed, never really did.

Hodgy Beats: Well I can't deny the fact that I smoke weed and see no problem doing so. It's a downtime luxury for me. I can be with who I be with, roll up, light up- swag me out. I feel I can elaborate more lyric wise. Weed takes me to my thoughts to where I can see my words in front of me when freestyling, it's like a tunnel vision, i'm just seeing mary jane.

Casen Kreation: Have you made all of your tracks high?

Hodgy Beats: No. Most of my songs I believe to have been sober.

Casen Kreation: That's a good out look on it all, any up coming projects you'd like to share?

Hodgy Beats: Beatpads&Notepads with my man Bambeeno (producer). The tape is about my life and the downs ive gone through. It's real hip hop. You'll like it. It's being mastered as we speak. No set date yet, but there will be one soon. I'm also working on my ALBUM "The By Who Cried Wolf". OFWGKTA. We are working on Domo Genesis as of right now though, we working people!

Casen Kreation: You got quite a few projects going on, i'm eager to see that tape though, same feel from yellow/white?

Hodgy Beats: Naa. It's going to be way different. My beats, tyler, left brain, and matt for my album.

Casen Kreation: With them on the album, you already know it's going to be madness. I'm looking forward to the album though, the direction will be interesting, knowing your tracks and beats.

Hodgy Beats: Yeah man, i'm on some other shit. Tyler and earl got me steppin game up really, I gotta keep up lol

Casen Kreation: Ya'll feed on each other, that's what I like about the OF gang. Never leave another man in the dust, good shit.

Casen Kreation: Swag Me Out by Jasper And Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All - Is everyone on the label on this track?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, like everyone, its jasper song, but he was like fuck it, make this like Tina and swag it the fuck out.

Casen Kreation: Are you shooting a video for any of these songs?

Tyler, The Creator: Maybe for up, but, so far, prolly not, just little videos of us doing everyday RADICAL shit.

Casen Kreation: On that note, OFWGKTA. Break it down for those who don't know.

Tyler, The Creator: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Don’t give a fuck litter life bacon boyz loiter squad.

Casen Kreation: And the skate team, what's good with that? Is there an official team? If so, who's on it?

Tyler, The Creator: Fucking milsap, julian hick, kevin white, olan, nakel smith, theotis beasly, fucking....ahh, it’s a couple, but we're gonna start filming this video in like a month.

Casen Kreation: An Odd Future skate video, fuck. That's just chaotic before it even starts.

Casen Kreation: What can we expect next from OF?

Tyler, The Creator: Fucking, skate team, some more music soon, we might just have an art book coming out with photos and art from some of our low key peeps. Some clothing collabs with Casen Kreation and the homies at freedminds. More videos and like shit, more swag.

Casen Kreation: Always more swag. Where can the people hear your music? Or better yet find you, facebook deleted you like 3 times? haha

Tyler, The Creator: Haha, yeah fuck them. tho. We update it like everyday with photos, music, videos and just random shit.

Casen Kreation: Last but not least, any shout outs?

Tyler, The Creator: Uh, sup to steve harvey, 2 dope boyz. And uh, missy elliot got hit by a big ass bus and fuck that baby.

Well there you have it.
Fucking RADICAL.