Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Night

Last night was pretty interesting.
Went to a party, with..mmm..
Just people outta my norm.
One dude dressed up as a chick.
Yeah, he was a ex marine.
Went back to tino's,
And did the damn thing.
Overall, a great night.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Kanye West – Glow In The Dark Tour Book [Promo]

KANYE WEST "Glow in the Dark" book promo by: NABIL
from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Watching the video, I totally reminisced..
Being there in San Diego watching the whole thing go down.
Despite anyones thoughts on him, he put on a fucking show.
One of, if not the best i've seen thus far.
The book should be quite epic.
Looking forward to it.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Above you will see HARD HAUNTED MANSION
Set times for Friday and Saturday.
I won't be going Friday.
But, I will be in attendance for Saturday.
Classixx over on the HARD stage @ 8:00pm,
Then over to the Expo Hall to see
Shinichi Osawa @ 9:00pm,
I'd really like to see Major Lazer
And Steve Aoki, but their set times
Are around the same time.
Which is a major fail.
So i'll stay at the Expo Hall
For Steve Aoki @ 10:30pm,
Then they do another fail.
Crookers at 12:00am then
JUSTICE @ 12:30am.
Both groups I do like.
But really, if you know me..
Any group along side JUSTICE..
JUSTICE wins. They're my favorite group
On planet earth. I'm a super die hard fan.
Case & Point.
The only real hard thing,
Would be if Daft Punk and JUSTICE were
Playing at the same time.
But they're not playing at HARD, right?!
So over the the HARD stage for JUSTICE @ 12:30am,
Then there's a special guest at 1:50am?
I wonder who it will be...
I'll end up staying at the HARD stage for the
Special guest. Then back over to the Expo Hall
For Zombie Nation @ 3:00pm.
That's what it's looking like for my night.

Also, there's a neat little map HARD has supplied us with.
In case some of us have direction problems.

Oh, and the official "do's and dont's" of HARD:
NO large bags including all backpacks.
NO L.A.P.D. or L.A.F.D. costumes.
NO coat check or item check
NO fake knives, guns, swords, sticks or weapons of any kind.
NO drugs or drug paraphernalia of any kind.
NO outside food, drinks, water, bottles, or candy.
NO dolls, toys, stuffed animals, plush items, or bandanas.
NO markers, pens, paint or graffiti devices.
NO professional grade cameras.
NO video or audio recording.
NO glass.
NO flyers or other promotional materials.
NO open cigarette packages.
YES mobile phones and personal cameras are OK.
YES removable masks are OK

Talk about a kill joy, right?

And don't forget, HARD NYE.
Boys Noize. A-Trak. DJ Mehdi.
And a big happy birthday to
To take place 12.31.09 9pm-4am.
@ The Palladium in Hollywood, CA.
Get tickets over at


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rosa Acosta x Terry Richardson - Supreme

Rosa Rosa Rosa...
Ms. Rosa Acosta graces Supreme Magazine Vol. 5
Such a gorgeous girl.
Soulja Boy had it right with her.
Not so sure if he could top this one..
Nonetheless, a wonderful shoot.
Done by, no other than
Terry Richardson.
A video of the shoot is soon to follow says Supreme.
Credits to be given:
Studio Manager Seth Goldfarb, Assistant David Swanson,
Stylist and Costume Leslie Lessin
and special thanks to Angelo Baque.


Lil' Wayne-No Ceilings

Just listened to the whole mixtape.
Was supposed to drop on halloween.
But, you know we be leakin.
Heard a few of the songs leaked days before.
Overall, I give the mixtape a 4 1/2 star.
Gave 3 tracks a 3 star.
4 tracks a 4 star.
And 8 tracks a 5 star.
Not naming which.
But, I liked the tape.
Heard he has another one coming out...
Offical artwork to come out on halloween.
via dre
UPDATE:New artwork is now available thanks to hustleGRL


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TH Magazine Issue 1

"The premiere issue of The Hundreds Magazine, which, believe it or not, has been one of the long-term goals of the brand since day one. To get things off to a good start, entertainment personality Olivia Munn graces the cover, and you’ll find a feature interview with her inside. There’s also an interview with L.A.-based tattoo artist Jun Cha followed by a preview of new products he designed for The Hundreds. Similarly, there’s an article on artist/sculptor Lance Montoya, who famously designed album covers for Primus, and has recently produced original artwork for The Hundreds too. Fans of the brand will be happy to see that there’s plenty of continuity with The Hundreds’ famous online magazine, including the Ask Yasi page, as well as a “A Day in the Life…YNOT” photo feature. Additional lifestyle features include Ben Hundreds’ guide to eating in Downtown LA, and Bobby Hundreds’ “Ten Albums That I Like (But Music Snobs Will Probably Hate Me For)." And in case you were wondering, there’s no shortage of fashion coverage either, including a Fall 2009 preview, the Fall 2009 product guide, a Fall 2009 Footware guide, a Holiday 2009 preview, the Holiday 2009 product guide, plus profiles of the THLA and THSF retail locations. 74 pages. Also includes a sticker sheet and shoelaces." via-TH

Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya (Ft. Swizz Beatz & Lil’ Wayne)

First single off Chris' Graffiti album.
Said to drop December 15th, 2009.
The visuals in this vid are deff on point.
Song is good too, like the beat.
Wayne and Swizz on the track.
Was that Tyrese I saw?


Monday, October 26, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes - Lectures

I don't know about you, but do you ever have
That one person, thing, that inspires you
Over and over and over again?
Well that person would be Mr. Johnny Cupcakes.
As stated before in previous posts,
I've got to hangout with him and his family.
And I agree 110% with people being interviewed in his video.
I really do wanna catch one of his lectures.
Anyway, check it out.
And if you're in the area of his next lecture.
Go. You won't be let down.


FOTB-Halloween Sale

If you're in the 760.
By one get one half off.
Of the entire store.
Don't sleep.


Lil' Wayne - Styrofoam Cup

Recently Lil' Wayne was interviewed by Tim Westwood.
In the 5 part series, part 3 touches on his styrofoam cup drinking.
And recently, i've used this as an anology to two separate conversations.
Regarding friends, and what people think of other people.
Probably not the best anology to use, but wayne makes it simple.
Basically, who really gives a flying fuck what you do.
It's your business what you do. And how you do it.
It really isn't anyones business, but you're own.
If you wanna drink poision, you obviously have intentions on killing yourself.
If you drink a protein shake, you probably wanna get healthy.
If you wear bright colors, you probably wanna be seen.
If you were eye glasses, chances are you can't see.
But with todays fashion, people are wearing them regardless.
Case in point, we care to much what people think of us.
If we all just did what we felt, if we just did the things we wanted to do.
Without thinking of what so and so thinks...
We'd all be in a better world.
Like fuck it.
But, that's just me...


Over The Weekend

The homies were out of town this weekend.
So me and rob made dew.
Nothing major like previous weekends,
But nonetheless, something to do.