Thursday, October 29, 2009


Above you will see HARD HAUNTED MANSION
Set times for Friday and Saturday.
I won't be going Friday.
But, I will be in attendance for Saturday.
Classixx over on the HARD stage @ 8:00pm,
Then over to the Expo Hall to see
Shinichi Osawa @ 9:00pm,
I'd really like to see Major Lazer
And Steve Aoki, but their set times
Are around the same time.
Which is a major fail.
So i'll stay at the Expo Hall
For Steve Aoki @ 10:30pm,
Then they do another fail.
Crookers at 12:00am then
JUSTICE @ 12:30am.
Both groups I do like.
But really, if you know me..
Any group along side JUSTICE..
JUSTICE wins. They're my favorite group
On planet earth. I'm a super die hard fan.
Case & Point.
The only real hard thing,
Would be if Daft Punk and JUSTICE were
Playing at the same time.
But they're not playing at HARD, right?!
So over the the HARD stage for JUSTICE @ 12:30am,
Then there's a special guest at 1:50am?
I wonder who it will be...
I'll end up staying at the HARD stage for the
Special guest. Then back over to the Expo Hall
For Zombie Nation @ 3:00pm.
That's what it's looking like for my night.

Also, there's a neat little map HARD has supplied us with.
In case some of us have direction problems.

Oh, and the official "do's and dont's" of HARD:
NO large bags including all backpacks.
NO L.A.P.D. or L.A.F.D. costumes.
NO coat check or item check
NO fake knives, guns, swords, sticks or weapons of any kind.
NO drugs or drug paraphernalia of any kind.
NO outside food, drinks, water, bottles, or candy.
NO dolls, toys, stuffed animals, plush items, or bandanas.
NO markers, pens, paint or graffiti devices.
NO professional grade cameras.
NO video or audio recording.
NO glass.
NO flyers or other promotional materials.
NO open cigarette packages.
YES mobile phones and personal cameras are OK.
YES removable masks are OK

Talk about a kill joy, right?

And don't forget, HARD NYE.
Boys Noize. A-Trak. DJ Mehdi.
And a big happy birthday to
To take place 12.31.09 9pm-4am.
@ The Palladium in Hollywood, CA.
Get tickets over at


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