Monday, October 26, 2009

Lil' Wayne - Styrofoam Cup

Recently Lil' Wayne was interviewed by Tim Westwood.
In the 5 part series, part 3 touches on his styrofoam cup drinking.
And recently, i've used this as an anology to two separate conversations.
Regarding friends, and what people think of other people.
Probably not the best anology to use, but wayne makes it simple.
Basically, who really gives a flying fuck what you do.
It's your business what you do. And how you do it.
It really isn't anyones business, but you're own.
If you wanna drink poision, you obviously have intentions on killing yourself.
If you drink a protein shake, you probably wanna get healthy.
If you wear bright colors, you probably wanna be seen.
If you were eye glasses, chances are you can't see.
But with todays fashion, people are wearing them regardless.
Case in point, we care to much what people think of us.
If we all just did what we felt, if we just did the things we wanted to do.
Without thinking of what so and so thinks...
We'd all be in a better world.
Like fuck it.
But, that's just me...


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