Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009


HAN CHOLO x Diamond
Collab piece.
Super sick.
I'm feeling the black most of all.
Then the gold.
Then the silver.
Up for grabs in about..
12 hours.
12:00pm for you num nuts.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two! For The Show

Okay everyone.
Remember my post on him in the beginning of the month?
Well here's the re-up on that shit.

So Vol. 2 is out.
Just got done listening to it.
I personally think the tracks came harder
Than Vol. 1
And there were alot more tracks this go around,
Or was it just me?
Anyway, favorite tracks on this album have to be:
More Ovaltine Please [Prod. Tyler the Creator]
I Spy feat. Tommy Parker [Prod. DeShay Ali]
Confidently Modest [Prod. DeShay Ali]
Fxck You [Prod. DeShay Ali]
A Beating Cuff Link [Prod. DeShay Ali]
I Figured It Out! [Prod. Bloc Party]
Headphones and Motivational Speakers [Prod. Kream Team]
The North Star (I Cant Lose My Way) feat. Milly July [Prod. DeShay Ali]
Don't get me wrong. The whole album was legit.
Those ones just stuck out the most to me.
Like I said, my personal favorites.

Volume: Three! To Get Ready?
Already 10 tracks down?

brandUn, good lookin on the shout outs!
1:10 & 6:55
On the last track:P
Oh, and the A.C.E.S. spot on the back cover!
Interview on the way..
You can reach brandUn DeShay at the following links:
website -
Volume: Two! For the show download link -



So I had to come into school at 9:54am today.
That's every Wednesday.
I was at Starbucks at like, 11:20am.
Lunch was only 30 min away:]
Good timing.
So I buy the staff drinks and shit.
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.
Met someone very nice in there;]
I guess life is all about who you know huh?


I had a great lunch.
I'm having lunch in the cove more often.
A photographers wet dream.
I wish I had the nikon.
Next time, next time.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Design Time

The sticker you see being made will
Obviously be hand made.
And well go with the purchase of any of
The first 30 shirts.
These stickers will be signed and numbered.
There will only be 30 of these stickers hand made
By A.N.T.A
More info TBA...


My friend kenzie just got some fresh ink!
I forgot how the story went about it..
The flower on her left is her moms favorite flower.
And the flower on the right is her favorite flower.
I believe her mother had cancer.
A beautiful piece.

No Chipotle:[

Oh well.
I guess I can skip a day.
It was worth it;]

Friday, February 20, 2009 has just put my clothing line up on their site.
You might wanna check it out.

It's a new site to the scene, but nonetheless,
It's imformative for the new up and coming clothing brands.
As well as art, sneakers, and other things.

Bookmark this site.
You'll be wanting to return to it.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"You Stay At Chipotle!"

Yes. Yes I do.

Rob's treat.
Thank you rob.
Had to break in the new air max's.
Suuuuuper light.
Love em.
Oh, and i'm slowly but surely realizing,
That Chipotle is my diet.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Started The Night Off Accordingly

So, I was on my way to Robs...

And I got pulled over by a lady cop;]
I'm always getting pulled over.
And for the dumbest reasons too.


Can You Not Be My Valentine?

Here's a nice rant for ya.

What is a Valentine?
I mean as far as i'm concerned, it's pointless.

Now, for people in relationships,
I can see how this would be a great day for you all.
I can see where you would go all out and shit.

I mean, fuck I would.
But for you single people...

Single Guys-
You buy her shit. All cute status.
And that's about it. Like, TF?
She appreciates it.
Feels special.
All that good shit.
Your outcome?
Probably, nothing.
If by chance, you might date.
Or something.
But it's like,
You do that shit.
And you're thinking...
"Okay. Let's hookup/fuck."
[Let's get real here people,
Majority of guys will be thinking that.
Not all, but most.]

Single Girls-
You get the nice shit.
You feel special.
Shit, you might even actually like the guy.
You may hookup/fuck the guy too.

Relationship people-
You've been together for some time.
This could go either really good or really bad.
Good-It's magical. In so many words.
Bad-The guy fucks up on some shit,
And the girl gets all pissy.
Then you're both like.
Fuck you.

I think the day in general is stupid.
You shouldn't have America telling you
When you should spend all of your
Hard earned cash on
Diamonds, chocolate, sneakers,
Fuck. What have you.
Just because they tell you to!
I mean damn, the governmnet already
Runs most of our lives anyway!
If you love someone,
That someone knows it.
You don't need February 14th
To do so.

So basically.
My thoughts on it very nice and sweet for you on such a sweet day.
And to top it all off,
Has come up with a very suitable track
For this day.
Check it out.
Download it.
And play it for your girl.
She'll love you forever.
Or maybe hate you forever.
Which ever works,
Have a heartless heart day:D


Thursday, February 12, 2009

1 Fren. Fri.

Girls Soccer IHS won against CV.
LQHS lost against PDHS.
I don't remember the score.
The only time EVER that I had a shitty burger from there.
They're always on point.
But not tonight... Just not tonight.