Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two! For The Show

Okay everyone.
Remember my post on him in the beginning of the month?
Well here's the re-up on that shit.

So Vol. 2 is out.
Just got done listening to it.
I personally think the tracks came harder
Than Vol. 1
And there were alot more tracks this go around,
Or was it just me?
Anyway, favorite tracks on this album have to be:
More Ovaltine Please [Prod. Tyler the Creator]
I Spy feat. Tommy Parker [Prod. DeShay Ali]
Confidently Modest [Prod. DeShay Ali]
Fxck You [Prod. DeShay Ali]
A Beating Cuff Link [Prod. DeShay Ali]
I Figured It Out! [Prod. Bloc Party]
Headphones and Motivational Speakers [Prod. Kream Team]
The North Star (I Cant Lose My Way) feat. Milly July [Prod. DeShay Ali]
Don't get me wrong. The whole album was legit.
Those ones just stuck out the most to me.
Like I said, my personal favorites.

Volume: Three! To Get Ready?
Already 10 tracks down?

brandUn, good lookin on the shout outs!
1:10 & 6:55
On the last track:P
Oh, and the A.C.E.S. spot on the back cover!
Interview on the way..
You can reach brandUn DeShay at the following links:
website -
Volume: Two! For the show download link -


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