Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, last night was
One of the legitest nights i've had in some time.
Yesterday was the LQHS Winterball.
It was held in the gym.
Which I and hundreds of people did not attend.
A. It was in the gym
B. Pricy?
C. Rules and regulations
D. Staff
E. No fun
I heard rumors that staff was going to
Stand outside the house and make everyone
Go to the schools dance instead of kyles.
And check to see if anyone was drunk or
What have you.
To start off the night, I picked up
Mariahh Ohh, Kendra, and Kirsten.
Did NOT get lost in the fucking
Maze of a place she lives in.
Fuck esplande.
Got them. Went to Shauns and pregamed it.
Dope music playing at the house.
Good chillin.
The girls were already fucked up,
As most of you noticed hahaha.
Kirsten has a lovely slip off the curb getting into my car.
I wish I had gotten that shit on video.
Got to Chanks.
So, Sh Sh Shane! Played on the basketball court,
Soon to follow Save The Whales.
Great show guys, great show.
Mingled with everyone.
Soon after, everyone was directed on the red carpet,
To the down stairs.
Good VIP bouncer shit.
House was/is legit as fuck.
Enough said about that.
Throughout the night, they were recording the whole thing.
Hopefully they put the video up soon so I can put it here.
Music was good.
Although, if some of the tracks I had on my itunes
Were playing, it would have been that much better.
The place was packed as fuck!
Wall to wall.
People were outside jumping on the trampoline.
Girls were dancing on top of the speakers.
Guys started getting hyphy?
Did I see some class of 08 and 07 there?
I think I did. hahaha.
The night was legit.
So. Recap?
6:20pm-Pick up mariahh ohh, kirsten, kendra
6:30pm-Pregame it at shauns
8:00-pm-Arrive at Chankapalooza
8:30-9:00pm-Sh Sh Shane!xSave The Whales show
9:00pm-?-Did the damn thing.

So, thanks kyle for throwing a great night.
And all those who made it happen.

Over all, it was a great night.
And if you weren't there.
You missed out.

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