Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/20-4/21 x Asher Roth

So I came back from spring break,
And Chris has some news...
"Guess how I kicked off my spring break?"
Uhh... I don't know. You got faded?
"I got a motherfucking tattoo"
No. You did not.
"Yes. I fucking did."
I couldn't stop laughing.That shit was sooo legit haha.
Only if you knew Chris,
He's been saying "Get Some"
For yearssss. It was only right...
So yesterday was 4/20.
No comment.
Went to go buy Asher Roths Asleep In The Bread Aisle.
Went around... 12:40ish..There were none?
I asked the girl.."Where are all the Asher Roth CD's at?!"
Ohh.. We only stocked 4.
"...4? As in only 4 albums?!"
"Wowwww. Niceee."
So, I went back today.
Tried out the Beats By Dre.
Pretty fucking clear.
Bose..Watch out.
Anyway, they had 2 left.
Which I bought.The last two.
Adrian saw the bulletin.Didn't believe me.
Went allll the way to Best Buy.Sure enough. They were gone.hahaha
Mariah got ahold of me in class.
And Chris[other chris] sent me this photo
Of a test he was taking.Saying "ACES ANSWER SHEET"
It was pretty legit.Only because "A.C.E.S." is my slogan for my line.
[A Common Extraordinary Style]
Speaking of my line... New shirts are on the way!Stay tuned...
Then we finished it off with some bunz.
I'm telling you, this is the new spot..
But we need to try something new on the menu.. haha.
Overall.. Today was pretty great.


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