Sunday, November 2, 2008

200th Post.

I had to put something interesting for the 200th post.
So I googled my clothing line, Casen Kreation.
And on the first page I came across Casen Kreation
As I read the entry, I was somewhat suprised.
Now if you know of urban dictionary,
Its a online site composed of everyday words,
More so "lingo" words, ect.
You can post "bammkaa" for example.
[Shit, that might even be on there]
And give it the defintion of, say..
"Bammkaa-the feeling you get when you're right."
Or what have you...
Anyway, the reading for Casen Kreation says...

1. Casen Kreation

The most AMAZING clothing line ever made to man. Created by Mr. Kreation himself. A.K.A Casen. Its A Common Extraordinary Style. A.C.E.S Its Kreation. Its C to the backwards K. The clothes they common and extraordinary, all the shit you rockin is just common and ordinary.

Have you seen Casens clothing line Casen Kreation? Cop yourself somethin.

I'm suprised, to say the least.
But honored I suppose that someone would
Post that about my line.
So thank you to whoever posted that.
You know whats up.
And to that person,
Send a message to my myspace.
I'm sure you're my friend.

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