Sunday, April 13, 2008

92.7 Birthday Bash

yeahh it was pretty legit. front row to every artist,danity kane, ray j.. ladies going nutss, oh and E-40 didnt show up, whack shit, main reason, aside danity kane, why i was going. the line up, well artists i liked that were going were, danity kane, ray j, E-40, roscoe umali, and glasses malone. others too, but werent that interested.

ughh thenn.. this white girl [idk like a 10th grader or whatever] starts shit with a black girl, pushing and shoving, white girl gets balls and pops the black girl in the face, wrong move.
[oh and yeah, thats me with the burgundy color shit w/black hat. cleared the way haha]

got her ass pushed up against the fence and got jumped. thats like.. thats like saying the "N" word in compton, and being white at that. WTF was she smoking?! cuz i want some of that.. hahaha

it was soo packed, like sardine status. over all.. good day tho, worth $30 to me..i think 92.7 is gunna get a bad rap for not having E-40 show up, i mean.. he was the highlighted artist too, whateva worth it to see all those artists that close.

pictures will be up soon.

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