Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye, Oh Kanye.

So it was the 2009 VMA's last night.
Taylor Swift won best female video.
But, apparently Kanye wasn't having it...

Now, everyone knows Kanye to do some pretty intense shit.
Before I even sat down to watch the VMA's, I knew Kanye
Was going to pull another stunt.
And there it was.
Kanye is a talented entertainer, artist, producer, etc.
I went to the Glow In The Dark Tour, and he can deff put on a show.
So his act, yes it was wrong.
Uncalled for. Very disrespectful.
Yes, I do feel bad for Swift.
But, the whole thing was humorous in a way.
I mean, it was like..."Oh, I can't believe he would do that,
Wait, I can, because he did."
So many people are getting bent outta shape about the whole thing.
The fact of the matter is, he did what he did.
In many eyes, it was wrong.
Was it? Yes it was.
She deserved her time to shine.
Kanye has all the time to shine.
Can it be undone? No.
What's done is done.
It's just another one of his stunts.
With being powerful, comes ego.
Kanye has alot of that to offer.
It's like a beautiful person knowing they're beautiful,
And they flaunt it. No one likes it, but everyone knows it's true.
Same goes with Kanye. Don't like him because he is talented?
Don't like him. He could careless. Shit, I would careless.
I mean obviously the man doesn't give a shit what he does.
He still continues to do so.
All the talk about him, even this blog entry, only hypes up his shit.
Why am I posting? Well, I've been a fan of his for some time.
College Dropout has to be my favorite.
And for the record, his..
"And what, what are you going to do?"
Shrug at the end of it all, was just priceless.
Because, what are we going to do?
So, we know Kanye. It's who he is.
End of story.


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