Sunday, January 4, 2009


You had to be here.
I was at starbucks by my house.
Saw some skaters busting tricks along the sidewalk
And what not. They were probably in middle school.
So I thought,
What a good business opportunity.
Called em over,
They probably thought I was going to sell em something
Gave a short speach about the line.
Gave em some cards.
Drove off.
Get a call not even a hour later,
Wanting to know where I live because
They wanted to buy some shirts.
I thought that was pretty crazy.
So, about ten minutes ago...
They called me and showed up at my place.
Brought there parents too!
And the mom started talking about how her
Daughter knows me and such.
And saw the cakes & Brains tee.
And started laughing at it.
I was like, "Oh. That's my best seller."
Shes like, "Yeah I can see why. I mean, look what it says."
I was in awe.
Kinda awkward too.
Selling to her son and friend.
With that shirt.
Most people don't even know what it means.
I was shocked more than anything.
I give the mom big props.
They walked away with $60 of merch!
That's like, a first.
That was a memory for 09.
Talk about door to door selling!
Although, I didn't go door to door.
They came to my door.
Made some loyal customers today.
I'm proud.
Speaking of it,
Cop some shirts.
New online store look.


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