Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Shipwreck

So my good friend Shaun is throwing a HUGE show at his house.
November 15th.

Check out his myspace for his band "Save The Whales" at...

Also performing at the show will be my friend Kaos,

His mixtape just dropped.
Pretty dope shit.
Check his myspace for more info.

Another friend of mine, Matt, will also be performing at The Shipwreck,

With his band, "Cakes And Brains".
Now to clear the air on a few things...
"Cakes & Brains" is a phrase that I, [Casen Kreation]
Thought of for this blog and also a design for one
Of my Summer 08 Shirts in various color ways.
I in turn allowed him to use "Cakes And Brains"
For his band name.
Done? Done.
I'll also be selling my shirts at the show.
And my shirts are now on sale for $15.00
Making room for the new limited edition shirt.
For more info hit me up.

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