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UFC 84

UFC 84
Penn and ??? exactly.
he's such a clean, graceful fighter. not one time have I seen him with a cutafter a fight. super clean. did what he said he would do, and did it. very humble guy, the next
I thought this was the business..
Sherk had anger against him, when you have anger fueling you.. you're not even thinking..
Penn was focused and carried out his plan.
Good Fucking Job BJ Penn.
Can't wait for the next fight.

Butter Sauce.

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Flashing Lights?

Released Version:

And I guess this is the video we weren't meant to see..
Probably going to get taken off any minute now..

Must Cop

All are super fresh, but the killer in my eyes
would most deff have to be the all red patent leather!
via Marcus Troy

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Diamond Supply Co. Mystery Boxes will be online that include 8 Diamond tees and 1 belt for $100.00

The Tees are chosen random per box so you never know what you are going to get.


Music, in a whole, has an effect on you.
Certain types just make you.. listen, feel, focus.

Thank God for the likes of
Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, and Ana Katharine Heartly.

Today during passing period, going to 4th
tripped me the fuck out.
It was was like time stopped,a future glimpse of my life to come.
I think now, and then...I'll remember that moment, and still get goosebumps.

I probably have no idea what is really in store for me.
All I know, is that some way, I am getting there.